Testosterone Cypionate: how and why to apply in bodybuilding

Testosterone cypionate is currently the longest known form of testosterone. The most important male hormone has long been used in sport and not just by men. Its consumption will significantly increase the basic physiological parameters and thus obtain the best results.
Testosterone cypionate is the most popular and widely used in America. In fact, it is mainly produced there. But even companies in the Balkans could not avoid the steroid. What causes and means the long-term effects of cypionate? Testosterone is found in ether and is stored in fat for about a month. The active substance is then gradually released into the bloodstream. These conditions reduce the number of injections, which is very beneficial. Basically, cypionate and enanthate are not very different: these two molds are interchangeable, they are produced only by an injection molding process.

Testosterone Cypionate: how and why to apply in bodybuilding

What are the characteristics of the drug

In its composition, the drug is almost similar to androgenic testosterone. At the same time, in contrast to the natural substance produced in the human body, the separation time of drugs is slightly different. Considering all the individual characteristics and physiology of the human body, the half-life of this type of testosterone is 2 weeks.

In its properties, cypionate is no different from other types and forms of steroids. Especially after the first cycle of drug use, the following effect can be observed:

  • Instant muscle tissue growth;
  • Reduced ratio of body fat to body fat;
  • Fast recovery after intense physical exertion;
  • Removal of pain and reflex nerve impulses in joints.
  • In addition, Testosterone Cypionate injections have a very positive effect on bone tissue and the human reproductive system.
  • The effect of the drug, like all other steroids, is aimed at normalizing the work of many systems. Including cardiovascular and intestinal. Cypionate is used under prescription for diseases of the immune system or problems with the thyroid gland.
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Effects of taking Testosterone Cypionate

  • Significant increase in muscle mass. During the steroid cycle, the cells are suddenly rehydrated and water is responsible for a significant part of the volume obtained. This makes the muscles look better, but at the same time causes a reaction at the end of the testosterone cypionate cycle. The accumulated fluid takes up to a third of the total mass.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Stimulating the production of red blood cells. Increasing the oxygen level in the blood allows the muscles to work more efficiently and increases the athlete’s patience.
  • Ensuring sexual behavior and spermatogenesis.
  • Ensuring a positive nitrogen balance (the amount of protein produced exceeds the amount of degeneration).
  • Improve phosphorus metabolism.
Effects of taking Testosterone Cypionate

Cypionate Testosterone Naturally

The ideal frequency of injections is once a week. Due to the long-term effects of the steroid, injections may be less frequent, but hormone levels are not constant (optimally high). For those interested in building muscle, the weekly dose ranges from 250 to 500 milligrams. Testosterone cypionate in a solo cycle gives great results and for beginners it makes no sense to add anything else. Increasing the dose above 800 milligrams does not increase the anabolic effect, which is not the case for the likelihood and severity of side effects.

The combined course of Testosterone Cypionate is almost identical to the individual consumption. The steroid is best combined with nandrolone. In this case, the dose of each substance is approximately 200 milligrams per week. The effect of estrogen is blocked by tamoxifen (at a dose of 10 mg daily from the second week of the cycle until the end of the second week). It is recommended to use Proviron during the course and then replace it with Tamoxifen (to normalize testosterone secretion).

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Before using the drug, it is important to fully study its composition and resort to the type of therapy that will give the most correct result. If the use of the drug is based on the statement of doctors, which would be correct when introducing a hormone into the human body, then the pattern of independent use is somewhat different.

It is impossible to determine the exact dosage as it is recommended to start with 250 mg, but in some cases more than 700 mg are used. The course of treatment should not exceed 2-3 months, but if it is necessary to use the drug longer, then it is also necessary to introduce the hormone gonadotropin into the treatment, which will help normalize cell synthesis .

When using the drug, it is often combined with other equally effective substances, steroids and peptide groups in order to minimize the risk of side effects on the body.

Side effects

The steroid Testosterone Cypionate is characterized by a high level of aromatization. Muscle gain is often accompanied by excessive estrogen levels, followed by gynecomastia with thickening and swelling of the nipple tissue. This negative reaction is prevented by antiestrogens – Clomid or Nolvadex, as well as aromatase inhibitors. Testosterone cypionate side effects are often androgenic in nature as the hormone is converted to its active form, dihydrotestosterone. There may be increased blood pressure, increased body and facial hair (or, conversely, alopecia), increased sebum production, acne.